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  • The best mode of learning and accountability to keep you on track for your goal financial freedom through business acquisition is to engage with like-minded individuals.


    Learn from experts across multiple industries in our monthly interview series in the mastermind.


    Let the team review your potential deals and offer feedback on valuation, negotiation, structure, and finance.


Is This Mastermind for Me?


Don't start a business. Buy then build.

Either in start-up mode or thinking about a start-up. Buying a profitable business provides a great alternative to the hardship of start-ups with most failing in the first few years. Immediate profit and cashflow allows you to focus all your energy on growing your new business.


Acquire your way to business growth.

Small business acquisitions are a unique way for you to grow your current business in to new markets, add products or services, and increase revenue and profit. There are so many small business acquisition opportunities in the market right now. Learn how to acquire and grow.


A new path to passive income investing.

Looking for passive income with higher returns and control over your investment. If you believe the stock market and real estate is overpriced, small business offers a great alternative for passive investing with high rates of return and the ability to leverage other people's money.

Don't Take It From Us


Our number one goal is to provide the level of value and education in the course and mastermind required to help members achieve their goals.


Bill Oelrich

"This course is like a mini-MBA!"


Dirk van Reenan

"We already have an LOI in on a $3 Million plumbing company!"


Mark Crandall

"I was already able to acquire 49% of a business with $0. The deal should make me $249K next year. "

“Deliberately seek the company of people who influence you to think and act on building the life

you desire.”

— Napoleon Hill





Learn to become a dealmaker in 30 days!

Unit 1 - Intro - Buying a Business​

Unit 2 - What type of business?​

Unit 3 - Finding the Business​

Unit 4 - Selling Yourself​

Unit 5 - How to Value a Business​

Unit 6 - Negotiating the Deal​

Unit 7 - Financing the Deal​

Unit 8 - Legal and Contracts​

Unit 9 - First 90 Days as a Business Owner​


The opportunity to acquire a small business has never been as great as it will be in 2021.

2.5+ Million


for Sale



Retire Daily


Own a Small


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  • Choose the Right Business for You

    Using your unique skillset, past experiences, and goals determine next steps.

  • Learn to Create Deal Flow

    Learn 7 ways to find great deals on small businesses including ones not currently listed.

  • Learn to Negotiate, Structure, and Finance

    Understand and implement proven strategies to find, negotiate, structure and finance deals.

Unconventional Acquisitions Mastermind


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I am wrapping up unit 4 today. I would like to say that the content is fantastic!!! Ryan and Codie, you have done an amazing job teaching and presenting this. I have noticed that if I start to doubt that I can do this, that disappears after working through some of the content.

Kevin Carbon

Just starting section 5 - great content and interviews so far!







Brian Oatis

The UA group has been really helpful in sharing tips and tricks and just keeping the ideas flowing. When I started the journey I didn't know what I was hoping to get out of it, but I am stoked on the value I received. I feel like it helped unlock another gear and perspective. Thanks again for creating.

Bryan Fields

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few answers to our most common questions

  • What is the Mastermind?

    It is a facebook group for members only who share ideas and engage on how to buy, sell and build businesses. This group has monthly events, education, Q&A and is a chance for all business owners to engage together online. You’ll find the most bang for your buck from engaging with your fellow UA members.

  • How long is the membership for?

    Membership is annual and lasts for one year, thereafter you will have the option to resubscribe. For the most engaged and value added members we will have a lifetime membership option as well.

  • How do we best engage?

    The best UA users create Acqui-teams, these are small groups of 2-4 members who come together to hold each other accountable on your business journey and goals. The members who seek out these A-teams are more likely to buy their businesses and do deals together.

  • What resources are provided?

    Mastermind membership includes access to the course. When you join the UA Mastermind you will also have an opportunity to introduce yourself and make an ask of the group based on your goals, we will work to set you up with others who could be in your team and help you win. We also have the UA toolkit that is constantly being updated with new tools and resources.

  • Who is the Mastermind for?

    The Mastermind is built for people who are committed to the process of buying a small business in the next year. Whether you are an entrepreneur considering buying as a better option than start-up, a small business owner looking to grow through acquisitions, or an investor looking for alternatives with higher potential returns to build passive income.

  • What is your return policy? Do you offer refunds?

    No. Here’s why, don’t commit to this unless you are ready to follow through. The content here is incredibly valuable but you are the most important part to the equation. Commit, engage, and learn. This isn’t for the uncommitted. xoxo.

  • How long does it take to buy a business?

    That really depends on several things such as how targeted you are in your search, the amount of time you commit to the process, the type of financing. We have had some members complete their first deal in 30 days while other take several months.

Find a plan that’s right for you.

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  • 1-Year Access to Online Course

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Codie Sanchez

Codie Sanchez is a Partner at Entourage Effect Capital, a growth equity firm in the legalized cannabis industry. Prior to EEC she lead First Trust's Latin America Investment business and held leadership positions at Goldman Sachs, State Street, and Vanguard.


Sanchez is a pundit on investing, cannabis and startups, highlighted on CNBC, Fox, Today Show, Forbes, Fast Company, Entrepreneur, Business Wire, for her Contrarian Thinking series and weekly email followed by 100k+.


She was listed as a 25 Most Innovative Leader in Cannabis, The Cannabis Disruptor by MG Retailer, and EEC was named a Top 10 PE Firm by Forbes/BI/Entrepreneur in the space. She has an M.B.A. from Georgetown University, a master’s from ESADE and Fundação Getúlio Vargas, and a B.A. from Arizona State University. 

Ryan Snow

Ryan Snow is the co-author of the Best-Selling Book, The Miracle Morning for Salespeople, with Hal Elrod. As an author, trainer, and coach, Ryan has coached and trained thousands of top salespeople across North America.


Ryan has led multiple real estate brokerages and is responsible for leading sales teams to well over $1 Billion in real estate sales. Ryan's career as a sales leader and recruiter started nearly twenty years ago running a nationally recognized, Top 10 branch office, for Vector Marketing and Cutco Cutlery.


Ryan currently owns several businesses including a digital marketing company, a sales training organization, and is currently the CEO of Unconventional Acquisitions.


Ryan is a two-time Best-Selling author and has gone on to design several workbooks and sales trainings across multiple industries with a strong focus on service based industries and small business.

  • Texas, United States


  • (978) 307-6939

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Unconventional Acquisitions exists because small businesses are America's heart-blood, and we create financially independent owners with multiple-revenue streams, while powering the economy for our future generations.


DISCLAIMER - You are the determining factor in your success with Unconventional Acquisitions. We will teach methods and strategies. We are not telling you to buy a specific business, offering financial, legal, or accounting advice. Please seek support from your attorney, accountant, or any other professional support needed before purchasing any business.

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