Thinking of Buying a Small Business?

Take the 9 Day OWNER Challenge

Small business acquisition offers tremendous opportunities for entrepreneurs, small business owners, and investors alike to grow streams of anything. Acquiring small businesses is a new topic for most people. And we know that fear stops people from taking action.


This challenge is designed to help you overcome fear

and leap into action armed with the knowledge to get started.

  • 9 Days of Lessons and Activities

    We break the lessons down into short, simple units to help you learn the steps to buying a small business while only investing 10-20 minutes a day.

  • 9 Activities to Make the Leap

    Each day you will receive instruction followed by one little activity that moves you closer to becoming a business buyer.

  • Actions = Results

    By completing the activities you will: 


    • learn more about the opportunity to buy small businesses
    • clarify which business opportunities fit your unique needs 
    • determine your unique skillset and value proposition
    • start building a pipeline
    • learn what to look for in an acquisition deal
    • introduce you to different financing options


    Our goal is that by the end of the challenge you will be ready to take further steps towards building your financial freedom with confidence.

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About Us

Codie Sanchez and Ryan Snow run an online course and mastermind teaching entrepreneurs, small business owners, and investors how to buy and scale small businesses. Our combined backgrounds in sales, acquisitions, private equity, and real estate make us uniquely qualified to help you on your journey of becoming a small business owner.

  • Track Record of Success

    Codie and Ryan own and operate several successful businesses.

  • Engaging Materials

    Each lesson will bring energy to help you take the steps to get started.

  • Templates and Guides

    You will receive the templates and guides to map out your future as a business owner.

  • Proven Systems

    Codie and Ryan have taught these lessons to thousands of people and run a high-level mastermind on the topic.

  • Actionable Lessons

    Implementation is the key. You will take small action everyday towards your goal.

  • On-Going Support

    After completing the challenge you will have access to additional options for on-going support on your journey.

What Customers Say

Don't take it from us! Here is what some of our UA crew members and clients have had to say.

Bryan Fields

"When I started the journey I didn't know what I was hoping to get out of it, but I am stoked on the value I received.​"



Mary Louise Grill

"It’s really been great so far!
Now starting to connect with my network
on what I’m looking for."

Kevin Carbon

"Ryan and Codie, you have done an amazing job teaching and presenting this. I have noticed that if I start to doubt that I can do this, that disappears after working through some of the content.​"

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Acquiring and running successful businesses requires the ability to make intelligent decisions quickly before opportunities pass you by. This is your first exercise.


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